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Sarah Kidner is a modern impressionist striving to capture the beauty of everyday life.

 “ At the market, relaxing in a café, talking with friends; all these aspects of daily life are where I find my inspiration. I love to capture moments where people are enjoying themselves. I look for gesture and body language, anything that tells a story. Most of all I am inspired by the everyday small occurrences that happen all around us all the time. It is in these small moments that I believe we truly celebrate life. “

 At a young age Sarah moved with her family to Ontario Canada. Growing up in Toronto, Sarah was exposed to and inspired by many great art exhibitions from the Group of Seven to the French Impressionists. At the University of Toronto she studied history and philosophy. A love of skiing, hiking and travelling drew Sarah to Banff in 1987.  Now living in Alberta with her twin boys, she finds the Rocky Mountains an ideal setting for creative inspiration. Sarah has attended many painting workshops from highly acclaimed and talented artists whose expertise has helped her to find her current path. She paints primarily out of her Alberta studio but can also be seen painting out on location. Sarah is a signature member of Oil Painters of America (OPA) as well as a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA).  

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